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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of boats do you build?
What type of hull would you recommend for a first boat
What speeds do your 27cc Petrol Cats do?
Do you take orders?
What type of Radio does the boat come with?
If I already have my own radio gear, can I buy a boat without radio gear?
What do I get with my new boat?
Where can I race my boat?

What type of boats do we build?

We specialize in the AMPBA (Australian Model Power Boat Association) 15cc to 27cc Petrol Cat Class because we believe that it is the easiest for someone starting out. The boats are very agile and quite fast. We also build Cats, Mono and Hydro boats to race in all the Petrol classes.

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What type of hull would we recommend for a first boat?

Lets face it - they are all fun, but they can be VERY frustrating, even for the seasoned boater. Most boats handle differently at different speeds so, as you get your boat going faster, it can be a bit of a handful to control. It can be very frustrating when you have a fast boat, but you can not finish a race because it is difficult to control. This is the reason we would recommend the Cat class for someone starting out. They just get faster..

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What speeds do our 27cc Petrol Cats do?

After they are run in (about 5 tankfuls of running) and with the right prop, a stock 27cc Zenoah should reach well over 80K. The fastest we have clocked our "Liquidity" Cat is 93.4 kph. Out current 29cc Cat has been clocked at 109Kph. The Americans have broken the 100 Mph mark with a petrol powered Hydro. For oval racing, top speed does not count for much because a consistent speed will win races.

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Do we take special orders?

We prefer not to take special orders because of the time involved. However we have done so in the past,and would consider it if you are prepared to wait for it. It takes about 12 weeks from placement of order (and deposit taken) for an original Aeromarine Cat hull from America to be delivered and fully assembled. Most people want their boat ASAP once a decision has been made to get one.

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What Radio gear comes with the Boat?

We use Futaba, JR or Hitec servos. We also supply a 6V 2000mAh NiMH (eneloop) receiver battery pack, charge lead and on/off switch. These are pre-installed in a watertight fiberglass radio box. A roll of Prather radio box tape is included with the boat. You just need to supply your own receiver. We will install and setup for you.

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What if you already have Radio gear?

If you want to also supply your own servos and/or battery pack, there may be an extra charge as the radio box fittings may need to be modified to suit your servos.

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What do you get with the boat?

A typical Aeromarine "Avenger" Cat boats come with certificate of authenticity from Aeromarine (USA), a Zenoah 231 PUM motor, anodized engine mount, a steel (Race Tuned) exhaust system, 16 oz fuel tank and a 2 oz breather tank, OZ Engines Strut and Rudder assembly, prop and radio box tape, Aeromarine Cowl Locks (or Cowl Magnets) fitted, Flotation foam, a Exelbay-Racing "safety" boat stand (Optional). You also get a document listing all of the parts (including things like Dubro part #xyz) used to assemble your boat, so that you know the part to order from your Hobby Shop when it comes to replacement time.

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Where can you race your boat?

To race boats in Australia you will need to be a member of the AMPBA (Australian Model Power Boat Association) who make and govern the race rules, cover you for public liability insurance and issue you with a membership number. This membership number must be displayed on your boat (your Race Boat Number). When you become a member of your local boat club, they will charge you for your AMPBA membership and then pass it on to the AMPBA. A full list of Model Boat Clubs in Australia and a copy of the AMPBA Rule book (for you to download) is available at the AMPBA web site.


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