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About Our Boats

We currently have a number of boats for sale including some pre-raced:

Here is a NEW Exelbay-Racing Cat
      Exelbay Racing Cat Image


    We specialise in building boats for the "new" model boater who would prefer to be "up and racing" with a well setup boat, rather than wasting time and money learning all the tricks to building a competitive race boat. Someone new to model boating can then concentrate on learning to drive the boat and hopefully getting more enjoyment out of model boat racing from day one.

    We specialize in the 15cc to 27cc Petrol class model boats for a number of reasons:

  • The cost of the boat is reasonable for the size of boat.
  • They are VERY cheap to run on petrol as opposed to the Nitro burning boats.
  • They come with a pull start - no need for a Glow plug driver, Starter motor and 12v car battery to start them, like Nitro powered boats.
  • Because of the size of the boat required to handle the 27cc Zenoah petrol motor, you will find that you can enjoy boating all year round in most weather conditions - they can handle a bit of rough water.
  • We highly recommend the 15cc to 27cc Petrol Cat class as these hulls are very forgiving when driving them and they are fast, which makes for some very exciting racing.

For more information on our boats please go to our "Frequently Asked Questions" section or contact us.


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